What is iFob?

iFob is software which turns iPhones & laptops into wireless Icebreaking Beacons.

You download iFob and then take about 30 seconds to put in your tagline, something like, "I like coffee," and then when you go anyplace where other people have iFob installed on their iPhones or laptops, your "I am Here" taglines get exchanged with each other.

iFob isn't a MySpace, dating or a Facebook site. iFob is not a site at all.

With iFob all the virtual crud and un-reality disappears because the broadcasting and receiving is ultra close by and local: people only see taglines of others who are in the same physical places. "See," means that your iFob software will light up and show a list of all the other iFobs who are right there, right now, in the same hotspot.


A definition of Fob is any small key chain thing you put in your pocket. The "i" is because it is for iPhone and iPod and you and i. Of course iFob works on PCs and Macs too, but iPC sounded too much like "I am P.C.."

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