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iFob WiFi for the iPhone and iPod touch is now a free download directly from the Apple iTunes App Store!
July 4th, 2008 - iFob WiFi is now a free download directly from the App store through iTunes!

iFob 2.0 Released! – June 9th, 2008 has released iFob 2.0 which uses the Apple SDK for iPhone and iPod Touch. This new version of iFob is fully compatible with Apple iPhone, and Apple iPod Touch.

iFob 2.0 looks and functions great! iFob 2.0 has all of the features of the original and popular iFob product line, PLUS additional features made possible by the Apple iPhone Developer Program SDK, including:

  • Unified look-and feel of other Apple approved native iPhone software apps.
  • Tight integration of image inclusion for adding custom Avatars and Graphics to your iFob profiles.
  • Ability to real-space-real-time locate other willing iFob users from GPS-like cell-tower triangulation.
  • Just for fun, a new graphical slider UI to indicate how you think of yourself: Boring? Interesting? A socialite? A lurker? For example, you can now use iFob to broadcast to other close by iFob users that you are someone who is 70% interesting and only 10% a lurker.

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