iCloseBy In The News

iFob WiFi from the Apple iTunes App Store!
July 4th, 2008 - iFob WiFi is now a free download directly from the App store through iTunes!
iDialUDrive from the Apple iTunes App Store!
September 3rd, 2008 - iDialUDrive is now available directly from the Apple App store through iTunes!
iMarkMySpot GPS from the Apple iTunes App Store!
September 4th, 2008 - iMarkMySpot GPS is now available directly from the Apple App store through iTunes!

TalkinBull - a Hillarious video review of iFob

"In this episode, Skid Vis discusses iCloseBy’s iFob application for the iPhone.... iFob is a social networking application, much like mySpace or Facebook.. except it’s on your iPhone!" - a video review from www.talkinbull.com

In the Stanford Captology Notebook

Feb. 19th 2008 = "iFob acts as a beacon, saying “I am here!” and automatically exchanges “micro profiles” with other other iFob users in the area. You can maintain privacy with this mobile application by simply listening for other iFob pings and reaching out when you choose. This is a converging step towards discovery, status updates and serendipity..." - From the Stanford Captology Notebook

You wonder - "Does she iFob?"

Feb. 7th, 2008 - "Say you are walking around the mall in a wireless hotspot area and you see a hot person walking towards you. You wonder - does she iFob?" - from iPhoneFreak.com

Your Local Pubs are Social Networks

February 5, 2008 -- "... A clever little utility that’s just been waiting to be made ever since 802.11 came to handheld devices, it’s a program you download to your iPhone or iPod Touch that you turn on whenever you’re going to some sort of public place (like a coffeehouse, neighborhood bar, the park). The program will alert you when someone else comes near with the program installed." - from Mashable

iFob: Exposing elements of your personality via statements

Feb. 2008 - "what sets iFob apart is the element of exposing elements of your personality, via statements, photos, age, gender to those around you. Of course the real killer app’ness is that it works the other way - you walk into a crowded Starbucks full of ‘charming’ laptop, iTouch and iPhone users, you pop open iFob and sample who is there. I think the ‘comment’ part is the most powerful aspect, sort of broadcast SMS, and can imagine lots of whispering ‘are you the one who likes playing Pink Floyd while dancing around in the bathroom, dressed as a Panda’ (or similar!)." from The Lamp Watercooler

Introducing Social Networking with iPhones

Feb. 11th, 2008 "... at a time when social networking is a craze, iFob can be observed as a deliberate attempt to encourage iPhone users to keep connected while on the move.. The idea behind this is to serve as an icebreaker to real conversations in real time.." - from iPhone Support

iFob - Social Networking for Your Real Life

February 9, 2008 -- ".... OK, so everybody knows I quit FaceBook. The Register has half the story, which is basically that FaceBook, and MySpace and all the other social networking web sites, suck. I found something better, iFob. Ballmer, if we have any money left over after buying Yahoo, we oughtta buy these iFob guys. The next generation of social networking is actually gonna be, well, social." - from The Secret Diary of Bill Gates

iFob Makes Social Networking Real in Wi-Fi Hotspots

Februray 7th, 2008 -- "...But before you go into social networking frenzy using your iPod Touch, iPhone and iFob software, remember what your mama used to tell you? The old adage, "Don't talk to strangers". Well, that saying doesn't apply today anymore...." - from RotorBlog

iFob: Connect With Other iPhoners Around You

January 1st, 2008 - "When I first read about iFob, I quickly thought of some of the downsides of having real-live people near you and sharing information about yourself with strangers - strangers that are close by - but the app lets you share as little or as much about yourself as you like. So you can just keep it to a name and a little tagline, or add other details if you want, including profile pictures etc. It even has a ‘Make Me Visible’ setting, so presumably you can turn that Off and be a bit of lurker until you see someone sensible looking." - from Just Another iPhone Blog